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''...She has a beautifully haunting singing voice that is a pleasure to listen to.''

The Public Reviews, on Tender Napalm


''An exciting addition to the theatrical landscape...absolutely thrilling.''

Exeunt Magazine on Baba's Song

''Both (performers) have such a charismatic pull on the audience it makes you wish

to spend hours in their company.''

Exeunt magazine on Baba's Song

''Fate, played by the wonderfully versatile Jannah Warlow is always at hand. She vamps, glides and sings powerfully throughout while reassuring the audience that the complexities of the plot can be overcome.''

StageTalk Magazine on Oedipuss in Boots

Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

Magicians use sleight of hand. Standen’s compositions, used sleight of voice. Ellie Showering and Jannah Warlow, along with Standen, morphed into something otherworldly. Something magical happened...

FemaleArts on Verity Standen's MmmHmmm

jannah make up.jpg

''Jannah Warlow gives a flawless performance...delivering the brutal poetry of the language with childish aplomb.''

Theatre Wales, on Tender Napalm

''Jannah Warlow handles Ridley's profance poeticism with skill, but allows us to see that beneath the cruel playfulness, there is pain.''

Othniel Smith, Theatre Wales, on Tender Napalm

''Warlow's singing voice is the prettiest to grace the stage''

York Evening Press, on Angels Punks and Raging Queens

Photo credit: Kirsten McTiernan

''Warlow's Nico had a fabulously dark-voiced German accent''

York Evening Press, on The Secret Life of John Cooper Clarke


''Jannah Warlow's Starbuck is reserved, but equally tortured...a very fine performance indeed''

Venue Magazine, on Moby Dick

Photo credit: Jenny Scott
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